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Products? Commercialization? Heck, why not? If Meglaritamart, Inc. can do it so can the BN Critters. Although my focus right now remains on staying fresh with ideas and putting out this strip 5 days a week, I have found time (with your help) to come up with some fun BN Critters and Critterville Cove inspired designs. So far, I'm enjoying the heck out of writing and publishing the world of the BN Critters. I've got a mountain of ideas running through my head and a whole lot of fun storylines I want to pursue.

But hey! ....... sure ....... you guys have already given me a few t-shirt ideas, and even a couple of a coffee mugs! But even more exciting than that would be to write enough strips, a few hundred perhaps ....... and publishing them in book format with plenty of other bonus material added. Now THAT would be fun!

So without further ado, here are the first t-shirt and coffee mug designs. Starting with ........

Actually I really like the idea of a BN Critters coffee mug with my favorite strip(s) on them. They look pretty cool! I think I'll make one or two for myself to enjoy. The first t-shirt designs  are (I hope) something we can all be proud to have represent the BN Critters


An ongoing BN Critters storyline found our valiant bunch of heroes in the Shrimpbarge Sounds Recording Studio where we surprisingly discover that "Hey! These little dudes can rock!". It looks very likely that full blown Crittermania may soon sweep across the island, perhaps to the U.S. and then ......... ? In preparation for just such an event, should it occur, I have designed a World Tour 2008 logo, suitable for t-shirts and AVAILABLE FOR SALE NOW. Obviously inspired by the Beatles famous sillouette logo.

Rock On little dudes.

The Critters! WORLD TOUR 2008 t-shirts! are now available right now and right HERE!

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