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Critterville Cove

An Interactive Map of Critterville Cove

Now this will be fun. Still under construction, but soon we'll have an interactive map of Critterville Cove complete with all of the many fine shops, bars and other establishments which make up our fine little community (and the critters and friends that work there).

We anticipate:
Brewmasters, Wineries and the Post Office (run by the Director of Dumbassity). Restuarants, Bars and Coffee Houses .... among them The Oar House, The Tiki Bar and Popcornjack's Beach Bar Shack and Whoopee Parlor.

We'll see the shops and storefronts for our Flamingo Rancher as well as our Conch Shell Blower and Gardener.

We'll have a Surf Shop and Surf School as well as a Scuba and Dive Shop.

Expect to find the Parrothead BBQ and Golf Course and the CNWS Television Studio.

The office of the Head of Legal Affairs, the Bail Bond Agent (and Biker Chick) and the Boobie Inspector. Plus Law Enforcement and Naughty Lessons.

A Tropical Jewelry Shoppe, a Cigar Shop and The Conch Shell Amphitheatre on the Water.

A Hospital - The Critterville Cove EMS, Accountants and Freelance Photographers.

And I am sure much, much more to come. Plus (now this is exciting), each Critterville Cove resident will have the ability to set up and create their own online profile. Stay tuned.


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