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The BN Critters Collection: Sha-Boobies! and other such things

Want a copy SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR? Of course you do! 390 pages! More than 700 comic strips!
Signed copies can be purchased at the surfpirate's website and also on on eBay.

The BN Critters Collection: Sha-Boobies! and other such things

Inspired by the online world of Jimmy Buffett fans ... yes, parrotheads ... the BN Critters comic strip has become a ridiculously stupid amount of ongoing fun for its faithful readers.

Living in the seaside town of Critterville Cove on the Island Republic of Critter Key (IRoCK), somewhere south of Margaritaville, the BN Critters spend much of their time in Captain P's Tiki Bar and Surf Shop drinking beer and interacting with other island inhabitants, many of whom are based upon the most loyal readers of the comic strip.

Since March of 2008, this intrepid group of island misfits .... Duckett, Poof, L.A., Torque and Anonymouse .... have meandered through a dizzying array of tropical, topical and comical pop culture references and celebrity encounters. More than 700 comic strips and over 5 years of adventures are included in this comprehensive collection. Follow The Critters as they become accidental Trop Rock superstar musicians and along the way cross the path of Jimmy Buffett, members of the Coral Reefer Band, Mr. "T", Oprah Winfrey, and dozens of other celebrities in ridiculous spoofs of James Bond films, Caddyshack, Rocky, Smokey and the Bandit, The Twilight Zone and more.

Participating readers often find that they have been quoted in the comic strip or even better, have been included as a comic strip character thus becoming an *official stripper*.
This is considered to be quite an honor. Go figure.

Oh! And you'll learn the meaning of Sha-Boobies! The ultimate superpower.

About the author:
Bob Haslett, "the" surfpirate.

Husband. Father. Surfer. Schemer.
Parrothead. Consumer of beer.
Creator of the BN Critters comic strip
and other equally idiotic enterprises.
Currently living in the Maryland
suburbs of Washington D.C.,
which is "too damn far from
the outer banks NC beaches"
He has never met Salma Hayek