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Meet The Critters! Tropical Rock Legends


Depending on what time frame we're looking at (I really watch waaaaay too much LOST on television), our intrepid band of heroes ..... Duckett, Torque, L.A. and Poof .... also know as the Critterville Cove Fabulous Four .... launched a tiny little trop rock band named simply "The Critters", and somehow found themselves accidentally catapulted into worldwide fame (in the "not too distant future"). Very soon thereafter full blown "Crittermania" swept across the globe.

This is their story, umm, such as it is.

The Beginning.


Things took off from there, and before we knew it, they released an album!


 And guess what? They hit it big! Yep.

Soon full blown "Crittermania" was underway.

It was inocent. It was pure. They were media sensations from the start. The fabulous four lads from Critterville Cove were a hit. Some of the press was sensationalized ......

In the summer of '09, a time now known as "The Summer of Surf", the boys were asked to be the headline act at the now legendary 3 Day Music Festival known today simply as CRITTERPALOOZA.

And to this very day, you will still see fans proudly wearing their CRITTERPALOOZA T-shirts and telling the world "Dude! I was there!".

Fame has begun. They remain lovable. The music is simple and innocent and pure and fun.

Who knows what may come along in "the not so distant future" .......?

Tropical Mist II or III Tour

The Fool at the Cove
Surfing All Damb Day
You're Mousey Should Know
I Am The Mousey
Hello, Goodbye
Margarita Fields Forever
Penny Small Change
You're A Woman
All You Need Is Beer

To be continued ......