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Where will I find TODAY's strip?

BN Critters is being published daily, well "Island Time" daily  ..... usually 5 days/week, Monday-Friday ....... at the online Parrothead community, the place where it all began and the strip's original inspiration ...... and also at their own Facebook page (*like* us) .... and also on their own Tumbler blog (follow us).

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...... timely bits of mousey wisdom and/or surfpirate wisdom in 140 characters or less.

Each Monday - Friday, I'll publish the newest strip at, in it's forum via a daily posts. You don't need to join the forum to read the posts, but you will need to join to participate in the lunacy and post your own comments. I sincerely urge you to sign up and join the fun if you are not already a member.

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BuffettNews was the primary inspiration for the BN Critters comic strip, hence the "BN" in the name, but so too are many of the other fun Parrothead websites .....,,,,, and many others. The antics of the BN Critters themselves are often not anything I've thought up, but are inspired by the actual people, characters and discussions that take place in the online world of the Parrot People.

One of the more popular aspects of this comic strip is that many of the storylines and indeed many of the characters themselves are inspired by (or blatantly ripped off) the comic strip's readership. Some people apparently are proud to "be a stripper" when their avatar, quote, adventure, name or whatever are featured in the comic strip. Go figure.

Want to get caught up? Of course you do.
More than 5 years of comic strips (hundreds of 'em) are archived here at, just visit
The Archives.

This website,, will continue to grow and will frequently also hold "bonus material" as well. Want to drop me a line? Use the email button to the left ....... or post a message at either the
BN Critters forum or over at the BN Critters Facebook Page. Become a fan today!

Thank you for your support and feedback, and welcome to the world of the BN Critters. Enjoy yourself and come back again.

Okay, here is our most recent strip (hit refresh daily)